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Minna SAS was created in 2020 in Chamonix, France.  The company is owned and run by Minna Riihimaki who is originally from Finland and established in the Alps since 1994.  

The company is focused on performance development, both at business and personal level. 

The services are based on strong experience and knowledge gathered through life and customisable for different purposes.  Agility and flexibility are inherent to company's core values, just as high competence requirement for all collaborators in order to deliver authentic content and tools for customers. 

The company idea was born during a long personal struggle to fight the way back to a normal life after a life threatening and dramatic accident that Minna had in 2016.  She was told to forget about her previous life, that she would never walk properly again.  As hearing those words was inacceptable for her,  Minna decided to be the leader of her fight, be resilient, and transform the struggle into a triumph.  She is capable of delivering her experience over a motivational speech that will not leave the audience indifferent. 

Minna SAS collaborates with professionals from different domaines such as mountain guides, expedition leaders, business managers and consultants, athletes and life coaches.  The team is tailor made for each demand and event. 

Minna Riihimaki is graduated from the Medical University in Geneva where she practices as a part time dental surgeon.  She is also an athlete in mountain sports, collaborating with worldwide outdoor brands. During the recovery from the accident, Minna obtained a Master's degree in Business and Administration which has allowed her to diversify the activity to business and performance development.  

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